Application Procedure

Step 1: Visit the campus

Step 2: Application reviewed by BIK Admissions Office
Parents fill in the application from, and submit the documents needed. Applications will be reviewed by the BIK Admissions Department. Parents/Guardians may be contacted for any missing documents.

Parents are required to submit the following documents to the BIK Admission Office for each application:

  • Completed application form for Admissions
  • Copy of child’s Head Check Record
  • Copy of child’s Immunization Record
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate
  • Two recent passport-size photos of Child and Parents
  • Recommendation Letter

Step 3: Interview
As an interview will be required for every student prior to admission, the BIK Admissions office will notify the parents/guardians of the student’s interview appointment by phone or email.

Step 4:Receive the Acceptance Packet from BIK
The BIK Admissions Office will email or send a hard copy of the Acceptance Packet to parents/guardians after the applicant has passed the interview process. The Acceptance Packet includes:

  • BIK Acceptance Letter
  • Pick-up Safety Protocol
  • Medicine Taking Notice
  • School Bus Information Notice (For those students who have applied for bus service.)
  • Academic Documents Package
  • Uniform Ordering Notice

Step 5: School Fees Invoice and Payment
Should an application be successful, the Admissions Office will also send an invoice to parents within one week of acceptance. Payment is expected within one week after receiving the invoice. For more payment details, please contact our Admissions Office directly.